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  • Optimize your Cell Cultivation Processes with CellPhase

    Non‐Invasive pH & DO monitoring system

    • Ideal for all upstream bioprocessing applications
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  • CellPhase BioCoasters

    • Monitor pH and Dissolved Oxygen Simultaneously
    • Take Precise Real-time Measurements
    • Eliminate the NEED for electrodes and probes
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  • Scalable, Accurate, and Easy-to-Use

    • Control up to four cultures in parallel
    • Easily manage pH and DO results with the QuadBox software application
    • Save, Export, and Graph data in real-time
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  • Adaptable Rugged Compact Design

    • Ideal for Erlenmeyer flasks up to 500ml
    • Ready for use with your existing incubator or shaker
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CellPhase BioCoasters | Non‐Invasive pH and DO Sensors

  • Single | DO or pH


    Monitor and analyze DO or pH individually. The system automatically detects the patch sensor type present in the vessel.

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  • Dual | DO and pH


    Monitor and analyze DO and pH simultaneously. The system automatically detects both patch sensor types present in the vessel.

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  • System


    Complete system includes two Single, and two Dual BioCoaster sensors, as well as a HubBox controller which allows up to 4 simultaneous connections.

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Design and Technology

  • Patch‐Sensor

    pH and DO patch sensors are adhered to the inner bottom surface of the flask or vessel. The patch sensors are excited by light generated by the optical beam combiner.

  • Spill-proof Polycarbonate Membrane

    Each BioCoaster is equipped with a high strength polycarbonate film which is resistant to chemicals and protects the unit from accidental spills. The membrane provides excellent dimensional stability for Erlenmeyer flasks and vessels .

  • State-of-art Optical pH and DO detector

    Our unique optical beam combiner senses patch fluorescence emissions with highest accuracy. pH and Dissolved Oxygen is calculated in real time with unmatched precision and stability.

  • Rugged Housing and Compact Design

    The Biocoaster has a rugged and compact housing design of 3.5” in diameter and only 0.6” in height. The low profile design allows for easy adaptation into existing shakers and incubators.

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pH & DO monitoring just got better

non-invasive | non-destructive

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CellPhase BioCoster sensors are easily adaptable to various Orbital Shakers and Incubators.

  • Monitor and analyze pH and DO measurements in real-time, while stirring culture media in a controlled environment of your incubator or shaker. BioCoasters can be easily attached to shakers equipped with non-slip mats and ratcheting clamps.


  • Non-Invasive

    The Cellphase Biocoasters measure Dissolved Oxygen and pH without ever disturbing the sample or the fermentation process.

  • Minimum Maintenance

    NO cleaning, NO tedious soaking, NO solution refill, NO complex storage.

  • Single Use

    Monitor pH and DO in disposable plastic vessels or reusable glass flasks.

  • Resistant to Particulates

    The Cellphase Biocoasters are never affected by inorganic deposits, proteins, grease, and similar films.


  • Pharmaceutical

    Always stay in GLP and GMP compliance. CellPhase monitors, analyzes, and saves pH measurements in real time.

  • BioProduction

    CellPhase is a must for all industrial and academic cell cultivation applications. With virtually no maintenance and single use non-invasive pH monitoring, the system guarantees a vast ROI.

  • Food Processing

    Keep your manufacturing processes undisturbed. CellPhase precisely monitors pH while maintaining a safe CCP (Critical Control Point).

  • Water Treatment

    Stay EPA compliant. The CellPhase system is ideal for effective and efficient testing of DO in wastewater treatment plants and laboratories.


Fully automated Bioprocessing Mini‐reactor System

  • Fully automated pH and DO control and monitoring

  • Ideal for cultivation of mammalian, insect, and human cell lines

  • Compact benchtop configuration with features and functionality of large lab reactors

  • Consumes less medium and expensive materials

  • Includes comprehensive data control required in research and process development.

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