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About Us

Scientific Bioprocessing was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Scientific Industries, Inc. to provide a convenient portal for customers wishing to explore newly evolving technologies for bioprocess R & D, process development, process optimization, and process scale-up/scale-down. The SBI technology is based on patented single-use mini-reaction vessels with integral non-invasive optical sensors for process control. The CellStation® tri-station control module uses sterile, single-use mini-reaction vessels with working volumes of between 35 mL and 100 mL. The CellStation system may be programmed for parallel control of between one and twelve individual vessel control stations.

The patent-applied-for, single-use vessels, designed to mimic large scale bioprocessors, come in several versions for use as unique vehicles ranging from automated mammalian cell culture operations to fermentation methods to “fed-batch” processing. The CellStation operating software controls it all.

We’ll also set up partnerships between you and our many product partners and world-wide network of distributors to provide you with bioprocess savvy contacts that will act as your agent for obtaining the products and supplies you need at the best possible prices. We’ll do that as a service to you for simply visiting our virtual store and requesting more information about how we can help you with your unique product selections as well as fulfillment of your day-to-day supply needs. Just ask us.