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Non-Invasive pH & DO Sensors and Systems

  • BioCoaster Single | pH or DO


    The Single BioCoaster sensor enables users to individually read either the pH or DO (dissolved oxygen) present in the vessel. Measurements are non-invasive and performed in real-time.

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  • BioCoaster Dual | ph & DO The


    The Dual BioCoaster enables the user to measure and analyze pH and DO simultaneously in parallel. All measurements are Non-invasive and performed in real-time.

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  • CellPhase System


    A complete CellPhase system optimizes cell cultivation. The system is equipped with four non-invasive BioCoaster sensors which monitor four individual cultures simultaneously.

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  • System HubBox


    The CellPhase System HubBox connects via USB to any Windows PC. The operating software is supplied with the HubBox. The HubBox accepts up to four BioCoasters of ether Dual or Single configuration.

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  • pH & DO Patch-sensors


    Pre-calibrated patches ready for mounting into variety of reusable and single use transparent vessels. Our pH and DO patches can be mounted in Erlenmeyer flasks, t- flasks, and other laboratory vessels.

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  • pH and DO Flask w/ Patch-sensors


    Select from a variety of shake flasks with pre-installed and pre-calibrated pH & DO patches. Our shake flasks guarantee optimum performance and compatibility with all CellPahse BioCoaster sensors.

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