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CellPhase System

A complete CellPhase system optimizes cell cultivation. The system is equipped with four non-invasive BioCoaster sensors which simultaneously monitor pH and Dissolved Oxygen of four individual cell cultures.


  • Non-invasive and non-destructive

  • State-of-art fluorescence technology

  • Measuring range of 0 – 100% DO (nominal) and 5.5 to 8.0 pH

  • High resolution and unmatched accuracy

  • Fast response time

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Durable design resistant to spills and harsh environments

  • Long patch half-life

  • Up to 4 simultaneous BioCoaster connections  via USB


  • Real-time culture monitoring through the QuadBox control software

  • Broad pH and DO graphical representation

  • Export measurements directly to .dat file

  • Automatic patch type detection (through beam combiner)

  • "Single" and "Scan" modes

  • Wide scan interval range from 15 seconds to 5 minutes (15second intervals)

  • Simple and easy to use patch configuration functions

Software Application

  • sbi product
  • sbi product
  • sbi product

Every CellPhase system is supplied with an intuitive QuadBox software application which displays and graphs pH and DO measurements in real time during the entire cultivation process. QuadBox includes all essential analysis features that allow users to review, save, and export data. The application also includes easy-to-use calibration functions and patch sensor status information.

How it works?

  • System

    Each CellPhase system is configured to fit the specific needs of your Bioprocessing application. Up to four BioCoaster sensors can be connected to monitor pH and DO individually, or simultaneously.

  • Patch–sensors

    Disposable pH or DO patch sensors are attached to the bottom inner surface of the flask or vessel. Glass, as well as single-use disposable flasks are available with preinstalled and pre calibrated patch sensors.

  • No electrodes or probes needed

    Measurements are taken non-invasively and non-destructively. The patch sensors inside the flask are excited with a light beam generated by our optical beam combiner. As pH and DO levels change, the BioCoaster detects the amount of light emitted by fluorescence of chemicals inside the patch to accurately calculate pH and DO in real time.

  • PC Connectivity

    The system connects to any PC that’s equipped with a USB port. Measurements are controlled and saved via our QuadBox software application which allows to monitor and analyze data from four BioCaosters at the same time. Results are intuitively displayed and graphed in real time as cultures are sampled.

  • Adaptability

    The compact and durable design of the BioCoaster sensor allows for easy adaptability to various shakers, stirrers, and incubators.

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  • Real-time non-invasive optical pH and DO analysis

    The Cellphase Biocoaster simultaneously measures Dissolved Oxygen and pH with utmost precision and accuracy without ever disturbing the sample or the fermentation process. Advanced optical sensors combined with luminescence, and disposable patches, measure pH and DO in real-time to guarantee optimal conditions of the bioprocess. The system can be configured to scan culture samples as-fast-as every 15 seconds, and delivers accuracy of 1.5% at pH 7, and 0.2% DO.

  • Resistant to particulates, solids, and protein content

    The Cellphase Biocoaster is a completely contact-free system. Unlike invasive probes and sensors, the functionality of our disposable patches is never effected with build-up caused by inorganic deposits, proteins, grease, and similar films. The Biocoaster always maintains full performance and guarantees high confidence in the results provided.

  • Ideal for closed environment reactors

    Using the Cellphase system is particularly valuable when cultivating cells under stringent conditions. Continuous monitoring of closed bioreactors provides a quick and accurate representation of the bio-reaction state at all times, allowing to appropriately manipulate the culture without frequent disturbance or invasive probing.

  • Minimum maintenance and NO cleaning

    NO cleaning, NO tedious soaking, NO solution refill, NO complex storage. Ease-of-use and minimum maintenance of the system assures a quick Return-On-Investment. All patch sensors are disposable and easy to install at the bottom of the flask or vessel. The system automatically detects the patch type and prepares the software application for appropriate measurements. Cellphase patch sensors are never effected by dry storage and can be safely stored up to 6 months.

  • Superior stability in low-oxygen environment

    The Cellphase Biocoaster system offers outstanding performance and accuracy in low-flow sample suspensions. Cellphase patch sensors never consume oxygen, therefore continuous invasive stirring is not required. The system maintains stable and accurate DO results at all times.

  • Superior stability over invasive probes and electrodes

    Accuracy and stability of the Cellphase system is never compromised by prolonged-use or harsh cultures. Unlike invasive probes and electrodes, that produce unstable and inaccurate results caused by even modest wear-and-tear of the glass, inadequate electrolyte solution, or minimal residue deposits, the Cellphase system always provides consistent and repeatable results, without drift or response lag.

  • No manual sampling nor sample consumption

    The Cellphase system assures a clean and sterile bioprocessing environment. Since all pH and DO measurements are made optically, valuable culture samples are never consumed for testing. The possibility of contaminating or altering growth condition of cultures is virtually eliminated.

  • Complete control and data analysis from any PC

    The Cellphase Biocoaster system is controlled through our intuitive QuadBox software application which optimizes pH and DO monitoring. Results and data are sent in real-time via USB from the Biocoaster to the PC. Quadbox controls up to four Biocoaster stations simultaneously. pH and DO data is graphed in real-time and can be saved for future analysis. Patch Calibration features allow for quick and easy setup.


  • Bioprocessing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Bio-manufacturing

  • Biotech


  DO pH
Measuring Range 0 - 100% nominal 5.5 – 8.0
Response Time <15s
Accuracy 0.2% full scale 1.5% at ph7
Patch Sensor Life 45 days (Continuous Monitoring)
Patch Storage Life 6 months 6 months
Coaster Dimensions 3.5” (90mm) DIA  x  0.6” (15mm)
Operating System Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Warranty 24 Months